Language of Light

GGI conveys message thru the “Language of Light”. We connect and understand the language of the design community, perceive the way they think, and the kind of solution they are putting forward in the architectural context from a lighting perspective and then give a solution that conforms their requirements.





We work with the BEST BRANDS. From this, we were able to provide with the best lighting technology that enhances your experience, and we carry out our goal by working with some of the world’s best loved brands.


We offer the best Design Solution. Our knowledge-based ability regarding the various levels of lighting, its correct application and maintenance enlightens architectural framework.


Our paradigm of communicating the Language of Light provokes an emotional response to create resplendent experience for everyone.

Key Strengths

GGI’s strength is our understanding of the “Language of Light”

Clear and Defined Goal

Our goal is to deliver you the most appropriately lit environment for your space, using the best lighting technology and brands, at the lowest cost of total ownership over time.

Qualitative Approach vs Quantitative Approach

Our understanding is of “Light” as a building material and not just “Light Fittings” which is what 99% of the lighting trade works on.

Less is More

We are not here to sell you the maximum number of light fittings in boxes, but the most appropriate amount of LIGHT that you may need.

World Class Brand

Access to a balanced lineup of world-class brands and companies, that have stayed loyal and supported us over the years.

Key Relationships

Based on earned trust and proven competence with international and local designers, end clients & project managers

Key Sales Team

Understands & communicates the “Language of Light” and its application. The sales team is not trained to talk simply prices and discounts to a client.

Lighting Installation

GGi Konstruct Inc. is an affiliate of Green Group Inc. established in April 2017 primarily engaged in general construction and electrical installation works.

It is GGI's responsibility to keep efficiency, quality, and cost-effectivity in check. Making lighting safe and environmentally friendly starts with planning, brainstorming, and consolidation. Leading this movement to go green without sacrificing standards is an aim of GGI.

With constant planning and development, as well as full support and collaboration with clients, GGI makes sure that lighting projects, from commencement, reach their completion.

  • Roughing Installations – Interior/Exterior Lighting
  • Wire and Cable Setup
  • Disassembly and Installation of Lights and Fixtures
  • Finishing/Detailing
    • Ceiling Restoration
    • Painting
  • Lighting Control
    • Installation
    • Commissioning